Automotive and Manufacturing

Sachs Electric's has dedicated teams of project managers that focus on electrical installation for major manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada.

Our propensity for completing large, complex and fast-track installations has been an optimum fit for heavy industrial installations in facilities such as automotive and aircraft assembly plants. We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to quickly mobilize a team of electricians to complete extensive new construction or facility renovation in virtually any location. By partnering with our customers, we bring technical experience, design capabilities and management techniques for projects ranging from holiday shutdowns to new multi-building production plants.

Through continuing partnership with major manufacturers and general contractors, our project teams provide cost savings, better installation practices, assistance with coordinating multiple trades, and complete project work on time and within budget.

Few companies have Sachs' ability to competitively mobilize the necessary equipment and ingenuity in-house before moving to a national location. Effectively employing a combination of permanent staff with local unions is another advantage Sachs Electric brings to complex projects within a manufacturing environment.

Project work in this market typically includes electrical, communications and instrumentation installations for paint shops, phosphate/e-coat systems, conveyors, robotics, sludge systems, trim equipment, assembly plants, building systems and facility power and lighting.