Powering healthcare institutions like hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical facilities requires an extensive level of knowledge and experience.  By working with the Sachs Family of Companies, customers in this market can have all of their needs met with one supplier.  Technology changes, code changes and the increase in demand for local outpatient and specialty healthcare facilities have increased our focus on the Healthcare market. Over the last two decades we have increased our role in the St. Louis marketplace with customers such as BJC Healthcare, Sisters of Mercy Healthcare and St. Anthony’s. We have used this foundation, along with our strong national experience, to grow our presence in the national healthcare marketplace.

The dramatic and recent rise in biotechnology products and research has altered Sachs Electric’s approach to servicing this explosive industry. Installation for these customers is fast track, highly proprietary and requires different skill sets, tools and materials. Sachs Electric is one of the few electrical contractors capable of completing projects of this magnitude that require unique skills in an atypical environment. We have experience in clean rooms and understand and can meet the FDA requirements. Experience with the design and installation of control networks such as DeviceNet is one of our areas of expertise. We understand the strict regulations and complete adherence needed when working with Biohazard Safety Levels (BSL).