Entertainment Facilities

Keeping our residents and visitors entertained has always been a goal of the City of St. Louis. Sachs Electric has been there every step of the way playing an integral part in each of the major venues in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

From major sports stadiums to casinos, Sachs Electric’s experience with entertainment facilities is extensive, including some very recognizable projects.

Sachs was the lead electrical contractor when Busch Memorial Stadium was built in 1965 and we continue to maintain that position in the new Busch Stadium, which was completed in 2006. Sachs has kept the lights on at Busch Stadium for over 4,100 games.

Sachs is also responsible for the installation of power and data connections for the sophisticated systems that run the slot machines and gaming tables at Harrah's and Ameristar, and was also in charge of the installation of the cellular floor decks for the gaming area.